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Striving for




Who's Who

Principal: Mrs R Stone

Vice Principal: Mr N Heath

Assistant Vice Principal: Mrs H McDonald

SENDCo: Mrs S Booker

Foundations Team: Mrs R Bradley, Miss G Cadd and Miss C Williams

Year 3 Team: Miss E Maloney, Miss G Craggs and Mrs S Booker

Year 4 Team: Mr D Sharpley and Miss E Scrivens / Miss D Brooks

Year 5 Team: Miss R Baldwin and Miss L Cosford

Year 6 Team: Miss C Allison and Mrs H McDonald/Mr N Heath

Inclusion Manager: Mrs S Hosier

Assistant Inclusion Manager: Mr J Grayson

Teaching Assistants: Mrs A Griffin, Mrs C Walker, Mrs S Platts, Mr J Barlow, Miss H Tilley, Mrs L Montero, Mrs R Fretwell

Clerical Assistant: Mrs J Windle

Governing Body Chairperson: Mrs C Kinsella