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At Thurcroft Junior Academy, we believe that religious education (RE) should make a major contribution to the education of children and young people. RE is intellectually challenging and personally enriching. It will help our young people develop their beliefs and values. In addition, it promotes the virtues of respect and empathy, which all contributes to a diverse society. RE at Thurcroft Junior Academy (TJA) expects a civilised debate and reasoned argument, helping pupils to understand the place of religion and belief in today’s world. Through our religious education curriculum, children will explore and compare a broad range of religions including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Humanism. Within our nursery setting, RE is interwoven within other topics, stories and activities which focus on learning through their environment and play. Within KS2, children will learn about the fundamental beliefs, festivals and how each set of followers live their lives in discreet, focused lessons.