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Striving for




Long term Planning

Our vision for the curriculum at Thurcroft Junior Academy

Thurcroft Junior Academy strives to be an inclusive community where children grow, learn and achieve together. We value each child as an individual with unique potential for learning. Through the creative and ambitious curriculum we deliver, we foster children’s natural curiosity, whilst providing them the necessary support and challenge to succeed. Our curriculum nurtures and prepares children educationally, socially, morally and physically to ensure they are ready for the next step within their educational journey. We inspire our pupils to become lifelong learners, who are resilient and able to ‘bounceback’.  Supported by a culture of equity and aspiration, we aim to remove disadvantage so that every child believes in themselves and can thrive. Through the curriculum, children also develop an understanding of citizenship and are empowered to make valuable contributions locally and globally.

More information can be found about each subject area by clicking on the curriculum tab.

Click on the file below to see our 2023/2024 Long term planning for each year group.