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Anti Bullying

At Thurcroft, all types of bullying are unacceptable and will never be tolerated. All pupils should feel able to tell and when bullying behaviour is brought to our attention, prompt and effective action will be taken.  Pupils are reminded on a regular basis who they should go to should they wish to speak to someone about an incident of bullying.

Thurcroft Junior Academy supports anti-bullying week and the anti-bullying alliance resources. Throughout the curriculum, pupils will also learn about staying safe online and how to report any concerns of cyber-bullying. Children will learn the importance of tolerance of others through weekly assemblies and by helping them to understand the needs of others including those with SEND.

Within each classroom, there will be a worry box to enable children to report any concerns if they do not feel they want to verbally talk to an adult.

Members of staff will have a presence on the school yard at the beginning and end of each day allowing opportunity for parents to raise any concerns.

Anti-Bullying Day/Week

During Anti-Bullying week Anne F-J, Rotherham Anti-Bullying consultant, delivered workshops to all pupils around what is bullying and different strategies to deal with conflict.

Y5 Peer pressure and Consent

Y5 had the pleasure of working with Miss F-J on peer pressure and consent. All pupils were amazing, showing a good understanding and some fantastic emotional intelligence. 

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