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Year 3 The Deep visit

This Spring we visited The Deep in Hull. We had an absolutely fantastic time looking at all the different sea life. We saw various sharks, jellyfish, penguins and many different types of fish. We even saw a deep sea diver!


We also learnt all about the importance of using recycled plastic. Lots of the plastic we use is not recyclable and ends up in the sea. This dangerous for the seas life. We pretended we were sea life and demonstrated how quickly the plastic was passed on through the food chain. Even to us!

In science, as part of our light topic we were investigating reflective and non-reflective materials. We received a very important letter from Albus Dumbledore (head teacher of Hogwarts school) who needed us to find the most reflective material to put onto the broomsticks of students at Hogwarts school as they were crashing into each other at night time. We placed a torch through a hole in white card and shone our torches onto different materials, looking for the amount of light reflected back onto the white card. We found that smooth shiny surfaces like mirrors and tin foil were the most reflective and dark, dull materials like black felt and black card were the least reflective.
As part of our Ancient Egyptians topic, 3EM were living like Ancient Egyptians. We played an Ancient Egyptian game (Senet), made hieroglyphics using sticks and leaves and created Ancient Egyptian mud houses. Throughout the lesson, we were constantly thinking about how life in Ancient Egypt was similar or different to life now.

Local Artist Visit

On Monday 30th September, James Brunt, visited our academy. He is an artist who is inspired by and works in the outdoors. His patterns and sculptures can take up to 6 hours to create and he always has his pet dog, Roxy, for company. He loves that each sculpture is unique and doesn’t last forever. In small groups, we foraged for natural materials in the playground and then made our own sculptures. There was so much we could use: conkers and their shells, berries, leaves and so much more. After this, we worked as a huge team to create gigantic, collaborative sculpture. Miss Mayne’s class used conker shells and Miss Maloney’s class used leaves. We had a really fabulous day and loved creating art outdoors. Take a look at our artwork…